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DigiBrain4, INC a US based company that specializes in providing digital imaging (2D/3D/4D) diagnostic, interpretation and analytic service in any Medical/Dental related data. Using adaptive learning
and artificial intelligent developed over many years with hundred of thousands training database, DigiBrain4 can provide tiers of services in many forms, such as adds-on / plugins / embedded system to any existing medical /dental / healthcare diagnostic imaging software to online verification and services that can be used in many industries such as insurance, military, forensic,
government bodies, professional boards, justice, border security, etc. The online service will also provide feedback through online reliable and secure HIPAA compliant medical/ dental data delivery.

Key Points


To provide image-based diagnosis and interpretation using adaptive learning, neural network and artificial intelligent in medical/dental information through different tiers of services focus but not limited to dento-craniofacial region. To perform diagnosis and validation system based on static and dynamic 2D or 3D or 4D of various imaging techniques.


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